Monday, January 8, 2007

Trigonal Pyramidal: 3 bonding pairs, 1 lone pair.

This is an example of a Trigonal pyramidal molecule. It has angles all of which are 107°, and is a 3-dimensional structure. This example is of ammonia. Nitrogen, the central atom, has 5 valence electrons, 3 of which are bonded to hydrogen’s electrons. However, 2 of nitrogen’s valence electrons are not being used for bonding and create a lone pair. Examples: NH3, PCl3.


E. Rodriguez said...

It is close to a tetrahedral, which has angles of 109.5, but the lone pair pushes the atoms closer together so they have an angle of 107

Daniel 83 said...

Jonathon, I just love the way that you show your lone pairs it makes it very easy to read, but as Rod. said the angles are more like 107.