Friday, December 29, 2006

Tetrahedral: 0 lone pairs, 4 bonding locations

This is an example of a tetrahedral molecule that contains no lone pairs. This is a silicon chloride molecule, SiCl4, which has 32 valence electrons to use for the lewis dot structure. When the lewis dot structure is drawn there are four bonding locations and no lone pairs on the central atom. This type of configuration would give you a tetrahedral geometry. This geometry an angle between the atoms which is 109.5° degrees all around. Quiz Yourself: CH4,CCl4, SiF4, SnCl4


Ben #40 said...

Great job on your drawing...makes it really easy to remember

Daniel 83 said...

David, Great job on your animated GIF it looks really good and it rotates almost perfect!!

Jennifer S said...

Nice drawing love the arrows, how did you do that? Daniel and ben said pretty much everything else, so...uhh.. good job!